Week 10

Poster presentation went well. One of the main points the Donald pointed out was, Have you thought about a client for your project? I had but had not really persisted with the topic. I would love to take this project beyond University as I feel I could really make a difference in our community.

I also needed to start thinking about my design direction as I have not done much so far a my topic has been so complex and there has been a lot of research involved.

I have finally come up with a heading for my project. ‘Sweet Intervention’. This reflects how sugar has intervened and interfered into our society and products without us being fully aware.

In terms of the exegesis, I have done a draft. I had to cut out nearly 2000 word from my original document. I found this very difficult as I have done so much research and I wanted to put it all in there. I have now refine it down to the key parts of my process.

I now need to start thinking about how i can visualise my document and to start doing some design work. I will start this by creating a mood board and designing the logo.


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