Week 9 – Design’s Next Frontier: Nudging Consumers Into Making Better Life Choices

This week I have been consumed by my poster design and abstract. After my chat with Lee I was able to define my layout in a clearer way. Also to again re-frame my CP and Abstract so it was easy and straight to the point. Tulia also gave me a few pointers in class about where my poster could change and develop. Within the process of designing my poster I had to really think about how i wanted to portray sugar.

Patrica gave me a wonderful article talking about Design’s Next Frontier: Nudging Consumers Into Making Better Life Choices. This slight change my whole perception of my topic. It was more about changing attitudes than anything else, through the power of knowledge because designers are now armed with a growing set of persuasive techniques that means we are
increasingly effective at shaping behavior. But with great power comes great responsibility.

We are not advocating that commercial interests be de-prioritized or that profits need to be diminished in some way. No outcome I’m advocating involves undermining basic market capitalism. It is our firm belief that corporate interests that are aligned to preferable outcomes will be the only way to sustain profitability in the 21st century. It’s also our belief that individuals
and Governments are only part of the solution to some of the 21st Century’s most wicked problems. Corporate social responsibility as defined here is about aligning profits to a set of preferable outcomes for all of us, talking openly about those potential outcomes and unintended outcomes, and building into your products the power to realize them.

We encourage everyone to think about the preferable outcomes for the things you are working on right now that will create a preferable future. Think about the potential undesirable outcomes too, and work to mitigate those things now. Consider an ethical framework for the values that will guide those outcomes. And be clear to the world, about what that framework of values is. Don’t secretly manipulate behavior.

Consider making ‘profits,’ ‘wealth acquisition,’ ‘growth,’ ‘market dominance,’ your implicit but supporting outcomes, rather than prime directives.

In the 21st century, design can be used responsibly as a powerful tool to change human behavior for a preferable future


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