Week 8

To start the week off I attended a workshop by Rachel Knight  the main point i got out of it is how can i make nutritional information sexy…… After my talk with Tulia i needed to try have confidence in my would and know that what research i have done is effective and useful and i don’t need to do experiments to find out something i already know.

While trying to develop on my poster concept, I have found it very hard to clearly communicate to the audience about sugar in a simple way. The serving sizes on the product did not help so I have gone for products that are single serves so it is easy to understand. Trying to portray has also been an issue. How can I show sugar without doing little white cubes? On my last development for this week i decided a comparison would be the easiest way to portray the sugar. One single jet plane has just over 1 teaspoon of sugar so i thought this was an effect tool to use to portray it and it is also relateable.  I have also been struggling with how i am meant to start designing when I doing know where to start and what to design. I need to have a think and try come up with some ways to stop thinking and start doing.

I have also going back to some theory example to help back up my research, I found this in Pine and Gilmore, it will be a key reading to support my research and findings in my exegesis. I have therefore add it to my abstract to give it more grounding. Transformation was the key finding in the reading as my aim is to is to use effectual transformational theories to enlighten, aspire and individualise my designs. I intend to guide users to a transformation within themselves and their attitudes surrounding food products.


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