Another development on CP/Abstract

Design can be used to create a platform to educate an understanding about hidden sugars within products, as we are a consumer society who purchase produces based on face value, this will help to facilitate healthier food choices.

Our bodies are naturally attracted to sugar, as it is part of our human circuitry, but we need to be able to understand that sugar naturally occurring in fruits, vegetables and dairy are okay for our bodies but sugars removed from their original source and added to foods, are what we need to be wary of. If we can understand this and the nutritional information on product packaging, then we will be able create an opportunity to choose more balanced healthier foods.

Statistics indicate that young adults are becoming more health-conscious with their food choices, everything from organic food to genetically modified food, but they are still uneducated to regards to what is hiding inside products (Watson, 2015). Dr. Robert Lustig (2013) states that sugar now appears in virtually every processed food manufactured around the world.


After communicating with Doctors from FIZZ, a dentist from the DHB and health nutritionists from Beehealthy and BePure. I was able to understand that sugar has become so common and is hidden in so many foods that are considered ‘healthy’ to the consumer. Manufacturers also created a strong push for low fat products, and this has resulted in products being full of sugar.  The average consumer thinks they are making healthy choice by buying these products (Tombleson, 2015). (INTERVIEW)

95% of young adults from the surveys did not know how many grams there were in one teaspoon of sugar and 69.8% had an interest in reading the food labels but majority did not understand them. Through this testing process, I established that overall there is a lack of knowledge on the subject; therefore as result, I will develop and test a variety of options to isolate the most effective platform and system to empower the consumers through knowledge and visual information.

My design strategy is to develop these ideas to produce a platform that clearly communicates and introduces information about sugar and nutritional food to the consumer, to develop from this I will create a tool that enables the consumer to be provided with healthier, whole food options.


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