Week 6

During week six I have lucky enough to get into contact and interview a DHB Dental Nurse who was located at Ridgeway Primary School, this gave me an insight into dental care and what the nurse has to constantly tell people not to consume. I also conducted a student survey, which looked at what my target audience knew about when asks about sugar. This was insightful, as most people did not know how many grams were in one teaspoon. This is crucial in working out how many teaspoons of sugar are hidden in products.

Looking into Nigel Latters Sugar Documentary was also insightful as he talks about not trusting corporations to hold our health in their best interests and we need to act and think for ourselves.

After reading multiple book I do still not understand the complexity of sugar, compounds, molecules, so I have been dabbing into biochemistry metabolism – metabolic chemistry.

Ethnographic Research – observing consumers in the supermarket. An insight into real life behavior. While I walked around the supermarket and observed young adults in the environment I noticed not many of them looked at the products they were going to purchase. First point of call was the price of the product. There were five consumers I noticed looking at the nutritional information and they did this for any processed product that they looked at. This was interesting as I saw both ends of the spectrum. Either has no idea or were aware of this issue and were looking at the products in more depth. This does not provide any in-depth insights but gives me an understanding of the target audience. I would like to find out if people are aware and just don’t care or they know and have some knowledge but still do not fully understand the nutritional information and sugar content.

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