Week 7

During this week I have been gathering more information where I feel I may have not dug deep enough into. I have recently been in contact with BePure which was started up by Ben Warren, one of New Zealand’s leading nutritionists. From there i have gained some more exciting insights and perceptions about food and how I may got about helping the community.

I have also begun to dig deeper into how consumers actually shop when the go to the supermarket. Where is there first touch point? What are they thinking as they walk through the doors? Do they think about who they might be feeding and what they are consuming ?

Through educating and enabling consumers with the power of knowledge I hope that this may provide them with the opportunity to choose more balanced healthy food choices.

After the meeting with Anna and looking into the National Design Challenge: Design for all, this made me think about who i was actually designing for. Could it be all supermarket shoppers, not just young adults? 40% of New Zealand’s are classed are low illiterate. It needs to be a visual platform for all to understand.


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