Swallow This review – horror stories from the food factories

Joanna Blythman reveals the dangers lurking within even supposedly healthy convenience food in this outstanding investigation

'Cocktail of toxins': supermarket shelves mask a host of additives.
‘Cocktail of toxins’: supermarket shelves mask a host of additives. Photograph: Don Bayley/Getty Images/Vetta

Celebrity chefs sell us the dream of whipping up daily, home-cooked dinners using the freshest ingredients. It pricks our consciences just enough to steer clear of obviously processed food and slip nicely designed meals labelled “fresh”, “healthy” or “natural” into our shopping baskets. The problem, explored by Joanna Blythman in this outstanding investigation into how our food has been manipulated by scientific process, is that those claims are a triumph of obfuscation and spin, dreamed up in nameless factories that are more like oil refineries than “scaled-up domestic kitchens”.



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