Help Promotion Adgency – HPA

How we work:
Health promotion is the process of enabling people to increase control over, and improve, their health.

HPA is an evidence-based health promotion organisation, influencing all sectors that contribute to good health and wellbeing. Our work is divided into three main areas:
– promoting health and wellbeing
– informing health promoting policy and practice
– enabling health promoting initiatives and environments

Key to HPA’s work is communicating information directly to New Zealanders.


  • inspires them to choose healthy lifestyle options
  • helps people understand what being and staying healthy means and the benefits for them and their families/whānau
  • informs them about the help and support available, if they need or want to change current behaviours.

HPA communicates with New Zealanders in a number of ways including:

  • multi-media advertising (television, radio and print)
  • public relations work
  • online and social media (web, viral marketing, e-campaigns, social networking).

Working in this way helps us reach and build relationships with target audiences and national, regional and community organisations.

The ability of HPA to inspire New Zealanders to lead healthier lives is greatly extended by working with and through others.

HPA provides advice, resources and tools to a wide range of individuals and groups. This in turn enables them to promote good health in their own community or sphere of influence. Work in this area includes:

  • enabling environments
  • supporting frontline services
  • enabling community action
  • partnerships.

Research and evaluation are critical to every aspect of HPA’s work.

HPA provides policy advice and research to inform decision making on best practice and policy to promote health and wellbeing and reduce injury and other harm.

Work in this area includes:

  • informing the development of healthy public policy/health policy
  • providing expert advice on health promotion and harm reduction strategies across a wide range of health issues
  • providing advice and making recommendations on alcohol-related public policy
  • undertaking research to:
  • monitor key health indicators, behaviours and attitudes
  • inform and evaluate activities, programmes and initiatives
  • gather intelligence and identify emerging health issues.

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