Development on CP and Abstract for week 7

Design can be used to create a platform and system to enable young adults to understand the difference between sugars and this will allow them to interpret and comprehend the complexity of nutritional information within products therefore reveal hidden sugars.

The significance is to look at how our bodies are naturally attracted to sugar, as it is part of our human circuitry, and to understand what sugars added and hidden in processed food. Statistics indicate that young adults are becoming more health-conscious with their food choices, everything from organic food to genetically modified food, but they are still uneducated to regards to what is hiding inside products (Watson, 2015). Dr. Robert Lustig (2013) states that sugar now appears in virtually every processed food manufactured in the world.

Through secondary sources I gained knowledge and data and this lead me though to primary research. I have being in communication with Doctors who are part of FIZZ, dentist from the DHB and a health nutritionist from Beehealthy. To develop this, I constructed a survey to learn about how much they know about sugar and where they think it may be lurking within products. Through this testing process, I established where the consumer is lacking in regards to knowledge and information; as a result, I will develop and test a variety of options to isolate the most effective platform and system to empower the consumers.

My design strategy is to develop these ideas to produce print media platforms that clearly communicates and introduces information about sugar and nutritional food, to develop from this I will create a prototype website or app that can be used within the shopping experience to help users decipher nutritional labels and ingredients in products.


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