Interview with Dental Nurse at Ridgeway School – 2nd April

  1. Have you personally seen a decline in the dental care of children you have treated?
    – Yes, especially in the last 10 years.

    2. What do you believe is the main cause of tooth decay?
    – Well we are not born with bacteria, one of the main places we see it come from it families and ones that surround single parents. If there is decay in the families then there is normally decay in the children’s teeth. The cost of dental care and if we can help parents then everyone is checked therefore creating less decay in children.

    3. Do you think products have a part to play in this over consumption?
    – Sneaky marketing!!! Foods – frozen, packet, easy to prepare, carbs, too much.

    4. Do you believe our society is addicted to sugar?
    – Yes!

    5. Do many of the children or parents know anything about ‘hidden sugars’ in food?
    – Not really – they think they are being health
    – Bad foods – Up n Go, On the go foods, dried fruits, juice
    – Sugar free is not good.
    – Carbonated drinks are acidic.

    7. What is the most common products you have to tell people to stop eating and drinking?
    – Muesli bars, spreads, honey, jam, GRAZING, we are a society of grazers, breastfeed toddlers shows this,
    – Sugar and Acidic – frequency – ph balance
    1/2 hours to 1 hour for your saliva to return back to the normal ph level (teeth start to break down here)
    – Fluride – YES

    8. What has been the most effective way of making parent aware of the negative effects of sugar?
    – Basic content, show sugar, clear and visual.
    – 20-25% of kids have genetic dental problems
    – Kids need to brush twice a day, using adult toothpaste not kids (marketing)

    9. What is one thing you would like to change or adapt in our society to help combat our over consumption of sugar?
    – Make labels clearer and easy to understand!!!
    – To help the kids we need to help the parents, if we fix the parents we fix the kids
    – Free dental care for pregnant women then up to the age of two of their kids.
    – Free system – cost is a huge deal.


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