Abstract – Central Proposition – first try

Central Proposition –

First Try – Communication design and information design can be used to create a system that visually interprets how much sugar is currently hidden within food products. By understanding the complex nutritional information labels and difference between sugars, we will be enabled to comprehend what our bodies are actually consuming and to break down the barriers of what is classified as ‘health products’ by society and the community.

Second try – How can communication and information design visually explore the obvious and hidden sugars found in food using the concept of, nutritional information and differences between sugars though food choice and consumption, as a vessel for investigation?

Context –

What is the significance of this? Why do we care?

The significance of this is to look at how our bodies are naturally attracted to sugar, as it is part of our human circuitry, and to understand how sugars added to processed food are both obvious and hidden. In terms of audience I have been observing young adults/ younger consumers, I believe young adults are becoming more health-conscious with their food choices, but are still uneducated to regards to what foods they are actually eating.

Concept / method –

I have been exploring my idea currently through second hand references, articles, books and journals. I have also being in communication with some Doctors who are part of FIZZ and I dentist from the DHB who is working at Ridgeway School at the moment. I have talked to her about her opinions on the consumption of sugar, the after effects of this, whether she believes we are addicted and what her thoughts are on hidden sugar in processed foods.

There has been a lot of discussion on the effects of sugar on our bodies, especially in regards to sugar laden drinks. People that have been partially interesting are Dr Rob Beaglehole (dentist). Nelson Marlborough District Health Board’s principal dental officer Dr Rob Beaglehole says a proposed ban on sugary drinks sold at Marlborough District Council-owned buildings and events would show leadership in the battle against tooth decay in children and Dr Robert Lustig. Lustig argues that sugar creates an appetite for itself by a determinable hormonal mechanism – a cycle, he says, that you could no more break with willpower than you could stop feeling thirsty through sheer strength of character. These have both been very intriguing as everyone has different opinions and though regards the matter of sugar consumption.

I am also constructing and survey to give out to young adults to see how much they know about sugar.

Intension –

This project is set out to use information design and data visualisation to interpret and present both the obvious and hidden sugars in foods in a way that educates and informs the audience of the difference between natural and added sugars, and what is hidden in our products.


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