Week Five Questions and Answers with Lee

1.Topic / Issue What is your project about, around, considering investigating. Why is it significant, interesting, meaningful, revelatory, required…?

– Societies addiction through the over consumption of sugar. This is meaningful as I have worked part time in a childcare centre for the past few years and I am amazed at the types of food children are eating in our society. This led me to think about, do parents actually understand what they are eating an in turn what their kids are consuming. Does society know what they are consuming?

2. Context Locate your project in terms of audience or genre or field of inquiry.

– I started to look into parents and consumers of sugar but this is too broad and now I am not sure where to focus on. I could still look at children and parents of look at humans in their 20’s as this is the time that people start to become more aware of their environment and what they are consuming

2. Theory How are you exploring this idea? Who is writing in ways related to your topic/issue? Can your topic/issue be understood in light of significant theory, or is your topic/issue already usefully theorised?

– I have been exploring my idea currently through second hand references, articles, books and journals. Next week I am talking to a primary school dentist about her opinions on the consumption of sugar and the after effects of this, and whether she believes we are addicted.

– There has been a lot of discussion on the effects of sugar on our bodies, especially in regards to sugar laden drinks. Humans that have been partically interesting are Dr Rob Beaglehole (dentist) Nelson Marlborough District Health Board’s principal dental officer Dr Rob Beaglehole says a proposed ban on sugary drinks sold at Marlborough District Council-owned buildings and events would show leadership in the battle against tooth decay in children and Dr Robert Lustig. Lustig argues that sugar creates an appetite for itself by a determinable hormonal mechanism – a cycle, he says, that you could no more break with willpower than you could stop feeling thirsty through sheer strength of character.

3. Design Precedent Is there work being produced in relation to your topic/issue. What have other designers/artists done? How does this work inspire you? How does their visual language relate to yours? How does their use of material relate to yours?

– I recently found a website called the muesli hub and it makes personalised muesli that is delivered to your door. This sparked an interest of are there more website like this out there that show sugar content and ingredient information in products? To help people understand what they are consuming. Personalised experience, could this be something I work towards to help people become aware of that they are eating? Focus on breakfast? Most important meal of the day.

The first two are your speculative or enquiring voice.

The last two are your research. The aim is to weave them together; this is called synthesis, and what we are working towards.


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