SugarScience is the authoritative source for scientific evidence about sugar and its impact on health developed by a team of health scientists from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). Dr. Robert Lustig, Founding President of the IRN, is one of the Scientific Advisors for the project.

SugarScience has conducted an exhaustive review of more than 8,000 scientific papers, with a focus on the areas where the science is strongest – specifically, on diabetes, heart disease and liver disease. The goal of SugarScience is to take this information beyond medical journals to make it available and understandable to the general public, helping individuals and communities make better decisions about their health and diet.

SugarScience enables you to:

  • Explore the latest, evidence-based research on the health effects of sugar overconsumption;
  • Ask the SugarScientists questions to clear up confusion or learn more about sugar’s impact on our health;
  • Download flyers, posters or graphics from the SugarScience Resource Kit to post on your refrigerator, share with friends or family, or use in presentations to your community and schools;
  • Stay connected through their newsletter, SugarScience Alerts, featuring the latest science and expert perspectives, and updates on social media.

    Sugar_Science_Outdoor Sugar_Science_Posters


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