Week four

Over the past week I have been reading a lot into ‘The Sugar Book’ and seeing how one mans journey into the over consumption of sugar completely changed his way of life within his book he was very curious in regards to: why did the elimination of sugar have such beneficial effects on his health and wellbeing? He decided to experiment and film the results. He would eat 40 teaspoons of sugar a day for 60 days. Crucially, he would only consume perceived ‘healthy’ foods like muesli bars, breakfast cereals, low-fat yoghurts, juices and smoothies. The results were staggering. Although his caloric intake was the same as his regular diet, he put on nearly 9 kilograms in 60 days. Within a couple of weeks, he had the beginnings of fatty liver disease. Doctors who monitored his health throughout warned him that he was on the road to obesity, diabetes and heart disease. His journey took him not just down a path to ill health, but to outback Australia and to the backblocks of the USA. He interviewed food manufacturers, health experts and large-scale consumers of the white stuff. He discovered that 80 per cent of products on our supermarket shelves contain sugar, and that 5.5 million Australians have fatty liver disease directly linked to their sugar consumption. That Sugar Book follows Damon on his journey and blows the lid on how the food industries make and sell our food, and how they are complicit in, and indeed determined to, maintain the status quo on the world’s alarming and health-destroying sugar consumption. In also contains sensible advice on kicking the habit, foods to avoid, how to shop, how to read labels and how to cook sugar-free food, with the help of over thirty delicious, nurturing and easily prepared recipes. Fun, feisty and fired up, this book is set to change the eating habits of a generation.

Well, I am feel a tab lost at the moment after my talk with Tulia during class. I pitched my idea to her about looking into the over consumption of sugar in children and the effect it has on our bodies. The way i was heading was that it was leaning towards opinions not research.

So after looking over my research i have decided to take a little detour in what i thought was my correct path and look into the addiction of sugar in our community. Addiction is a repetitive action and our current society functions on this.

This has lead to many thoughts and question popping up into my head.
– Are we are a society actually addicted to sugar?
– Why are we not addicted to natural produce?
– Are we born this a sweet tooth? (is there sugar in formula?)
– How do we break this cycle?
– Cost – Poverty. This is feel is a huge factor as sugary drinks are cheaper than water and even milk.
– Why does this addiction exist?

This has lead to think about perhaps not aiming my design thinking to benefit kids through educating parents but to look at parents and out society. If I can help make this generation more aware and to provide them with some knowledge, this information will them be passed down to the younger generations.

I feel this is leading me down the tract of looking into:
– Society and how it has become addicted through the over consumption of sugar.

How can design help our parents, community and society to become more aware and informed in regards to this addiction.
– Knowledge is power


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