222.453 – 2015 Visual Communication Design Research and Development

This paper focuses on establishing the skills and processes to carry you forward to a design completion in the paper 222.454 VCD Research Project in Semester Two, the final and probably most significant work of your degree.

It takes you through a variety of methods and means for addressing the topic you will eventually choose to pursue as a project for design enquiry. You may, or may not, decide to take the project into Semester Two. It helps you to become the self-generating designer you want to be and gives you the tools to be the thinking designer the world needs you to be.

For the first time in your design education you decide what your design enquiry is, how you pursue it and how it resolves into your project. You determine your topic. You decide how you are going to address it. You are responsible for how it evolves and changes and for how it helps you grow as a designer..


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